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Information for Other Providers
For Therapists:

Welcome, we are glad you are here. Ketamine works best when it is paired with psychotherapy. We enjoy working collaboratively with therapists, and are always happy to talk on the phone to answer any questions you have. You can view our mini-course, Ketamine 101 for Therapists, below.


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Referring a Client for Ketamine:

We know it can be hard for clients to make a phone call--especially when they are struggling with their mental health. If your client gives you permission, call us and we are happy to give your client a call.  

Here are some questions we get asked frequently by therapists:

Q: Do clients do therapy while they are in the treatment room getting the ketamine treatment?

A: In the first hour after receiving the ketamine, while they are feeling the strongest effects, clients usually just want to lie back in the recliner and not say anything. In the second hour, while the effects are still present but not as strong, some clients feel ready to talk. 


Q: My client says he wants to try doing therapy with me while undergoing a ketamine treatment. Is that possible? If so, does that take place at my office or yours?


A: Yes, that is possible, and we are happy to facilitate it. We use the more bioavailable forms of ketamine (the nose spray or the simple shot as opposed to oral ketamine), and those forms of ketamine need to be administered in a medical setting, so it would need to take place at our office. All of our treatment rooms are private, and each has a chair a provider is welcome to use. We don't charge for use of the office space.

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