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Eric Tepper, MD

I established my private practice, Eric Tepper, MD, in Sacramento in 2003, and have also been an attending physician at both Sutter General Hospital and Mercy General Hospital since then. I have served as the chair of the Family Medicine department at Mercy General and have spent many years teaching resident physicians there. I have also been the medical director for various psychiatric facilities in town, so I have decades of experience specifically with mental health. When the form of ketamine called esketamine (Spravato) received FDA approval to treat depression in 2019, I underwent training to be able to use this medication knowledgably with my patients. I did this because I had seen the limitations of our existing mental-health medications. While they work for some, they do not work for everyone (or they have side effects people do not like), so I knew more options were needed. My experience showed me that ketamine is a great option for many people--especially those who had not gotten all the way better with other treatments they tried. The rate of success I saw with my patients led me to establish Catalyst Integration for Health, a REMS-certified ketamine-specific private practice, in the suite next door to my existing medical practice. I also help train other physicians in appropriate uses of ketamine, both locally and around California, so I know what works, what doesn't, and why.

I am also an involved member of the Sacramento community, supporting local schools and human service organizations. I have served as a volunteer physician for local Boy Scout troops and for the sports teams of nearby high schools. I support numerous non-profit organizations both nationally and internationally. See the Giving Back page for all the non-profit organizations Catalyst supports through an online shop, where we donate 100% of the profit from every sale.


I have strong connections with our community of mental health providers and I actively support organizations such as the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association. My wife, Clary Tepper, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist. She has a long-standing private practice in Sacramento and she also teaches graduate students in psychology in the doctoral program at California Northstate University. I think there is great benefit to pairing ketamine with psychotherapy. I enjoy working with therapists in the community if a patient seeking ketamine already has an established therapist. For those who need help finding a therapist, see our Resources page for a list of therapist directories. For patients who would like the option of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP), we do have a specially-trained psychologist in the office who can provide KAP.

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